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Dr. Jacqueline Elaine Campbell is the author of the book  “A patient’s guide to the treatment of diabetes mellitus”. She is a family physician whose special interests are Pharmacology, and the use of Alternative/Complementary Medicine in the treatment of diabetes and other diseases that are common in Jamaica.

She obtained her medical degree from University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona, Jamaica in 1988. Prior to her training as a doctor, Dr. Campbell obtained a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry and Chemistry, and a Masters degree in Pharmacology, from the University of the West Indies. She has also had extensive training in various Alternative Medicine techniques and practices.

Her interest in Pharmacology has led her to explore and embrace both traditional and non-traditional methods of healing, and she has done research in the field. Her work has been published in Jamaica and internationally.

Dr. Campbell has been a medical columnist at the Jamaica Observer newspaper since 1993, and was co-host of the radio programme “An Ounce of Prevention” with Dr. H. Anthony Vendryes from 2001 to 2009. She is also a member of the Caribbean College of Family Physicians and the Medical Association of Jamaica.

She has been in private practice since 1991, and currently operates her own medical centre, 6 West Medical, in Old Harbour, St. Catherine, Jamaica. She was born, and currently resides in Kingston, Jamaica.



1. Claude Wilson - January 19, 2010

Dr. Jacqueline Campbell, my former physician and friend, is pursuing yet another avenue to deseminate life-saving, health-enhancing medical information that can keep us physically well. As a blogger I not only endorse this avenue of communication but to welcome her to Blogger’s world.

2. Dr Jackie Campbell -SAHS 73 now on Blogroll « SAHS Golden Girls Blog - January 22, 2010

[…] Jackie?! Well, Jackie is now Dr. Jackie Campbell ! We are proud of you Jackie . Keep up the good work. Dr. Jackie […]

3. Sileen Phillips - February 18, 2010

Dr. Campbell has been our family physician since 1991. If she specialized in veterinary medicine as well, our pets would go see her too. She truly knows her stuff and I cannot express how much I appreciate the fact that she promotes and believes in alternative medicine. I am a big fan of homeopathic and naturopathic approaches but live in a country where a lot of medical doctors shun it. Hats off to you Dr. Campbell! Before there was a pharmacy, all we had was the bushes and herbs and the human race strived well on them. You’re brilliant! Looking forward to more.

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